Season 4 Sponsor (Eps 58-63)


Melbourne's cult-favourite burger joint Royal Stacks partnered with SIZZLETOWN for the second half of the 2022 season.

Royal Stacks Founder, Dani Zeini and his team sure know how to create one heck of a burger and memorable dining experience. The burger empire operates with eight venues across the state including Collins Street, Chadstone, Brunswick, Moorabbin, Melbourne Emporium, Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCC, Olympic Stand) and Melbourne Quarter.

They don’t do things in halves at Royal Stacks, from mouth-watering range of Burgers, Sides, Desserts and Shakes to their serious hit of street culture you’ll experience in stores. 

Get in on all the burger action at Stay Royal.


Season 4 Sponsor (Eps 56, 57 & 64)


Our original sponsor, Tim Cox & the team at Allegiance Wines returned for 3 of our 2022 episodes. This time teaming up with our resident artist Glenn ‘GROB’ Robinson.


Grob spent weeks designing a definitive SIZZLETOWN poster, featuring all of our most persistent callers and peppered with obscure references for hardcore fans. It’s a bloody masterpiece and there are only 200 of them, each numbered and signed by GROB, Tony and Matt. To get one, just visit, purchase any dozen mixed wines using the promo code ‘SIZZLE’, and not only will you receive a whopping 20% off, you’ll get one of our limited-edition posters absolutely free.

Season 3 Sponsor (Eps 43, 44 & 50)

Factory Logo.png

Our season 3 sponsor Factory in Orange, NSW, is owned and run by Nick & Ruby Gleeson. Not only is Factory a fantastic café and comedy venue, they also sell an award winning range of coffee beans! For you inner-city latte-sippers, both the SIZZLETOWN Blend and Dion’s Blend coffee beans are still available till December 31, 2022, with free Australia-wide shipping.

These beans are absolutely top-shelf quality, each one having been individually stress-tested by a sleep-deprived Nick Gleeson. So why not get behind this great family run business and stock up with some fine beans. Big thanks to Nick and Ruby for their ongoing support.  

Factory beans.jpg
Factory version 2 Dion Blend.JPG

Season 2 Sponsor (Eps 19-40) 


The team at Allegiance Wines, with their internationally acclaimed range of damn fine drops, came on board as official partners for SIZZLETOWN Season 2 in 2019.


To celebrate this historic partnership and, in the process, ‘class up the joint’ down at the Severed Arms on Upper Phuckall Rd, Tim Cox and his team of hardcore wine boffins conspired with SIZZLETOWN stalwart Dave Clacton to create an exclusive limited-release wine. A mere 200 cases of the Allegiance Wines Severed Arms Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 were produced and it would go on to become an actual prize-winning drop. 


We thank our first ever sponsors Allegiance Wines Tim & Sonia Cox and all SIZZLE Merchants who purchased one of these limited run bottles.